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Seattle Takes a Bold Stand to Secure Black Boys

We proudly share with you that the city of Seattle has selected the Seattle CARES Mentoring Movement, an affiliate of the National CARES Mentoring Movement, to lead an initiative to mentor and guide our boys. Throughout the nation, Black males are under-protected and over-policed. In this new partnership, Seattle Affiliate co-leaders Hazel and Donald Cameron are recruiting, training and connecting multitudes of Black male mentors to the city's selected premiere youth-serving organizations. Our Seattle CARES team will offer continuing support to the caring men who are committed to guiding our boys, struggling in under-resourced communities, families and schools, toward opportunities and bright futures all children want and deserve.

While the Black community accounts for approximately 13 percent of Seattle's King County population, in 2016, about half of the children held in the county's juvenile-detention facility were African American. Sadly, Black boys and men make up nearly 90 percent of King County's total prison population. This new municipal effort, a part of Seattle's "Our Best" initiative, is created to change these painful, shameful statistics by buttressing vulnerable Black boys in low-income communities and ensuring they advance.      

Generous support of our work has helped National CARES to build culturally specific, consciousness-shifting curricula that anchors Black children and adults who care for them in their Highest Self, so the African American community can recover from the vestiges of centuries of enslavement and continuing unjust policies that impact how we view and care for ourselves. Earlier this year, CARES' Chief Program Officer Stephen Powell, along with Christopher Thompson, who oversees our 58 local CARES Affiliates, led a day-long retreat that introduced Seattle coalition leaders to our proven, healing methodologies. Armed with a deepened understanding of the struggle for survival that impoverished Black children are engaged in, our partners left the training energized and committed to a unified effort to usher in a sea-change.

Let us all keep our vulnerable children and families in our hearts and prayers, and commit more fervently than ever before to help end the cycle of poverty in the new year.

For the Children…

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