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Linking arms and aims in a circle of support, National CARES is building the programs and helping to drive the public-private collaborations that will be pivotal in ensuring that our children living in poverty are provided the tools needed to override structural barriers to sustainability. Every child can and will become contributors to their family and community–if we choose that outcome–together.  Because it is only through working together that we be able to say truthfully, we live in America, the Beautiful.



Elevating Education, Expectations and Self-Esteem

THE RISING: Elevating Education, Expectations and Self-Esteem is our signature group-mentoring program, a consciousness-changing protocol that is being demonstrated at exceedingly challenged high schools—one on the South Side of Chicago, several in South Florida and  one in Detroit. The program transforms the lives of children trapped in intergenerational poverty by engaging them in an exciting, culturally appropriate curriculum that is executed by trained psychologists, other wellness professionals and mentors. The curriculum is rooted in prevention and support efforts that provide coping and other mechanisms needed to mitigate the impact of the disparities and dysfunction ruining fragile young lives. Integral to The Rising is the cultivation of cultural pride and high self-esteem, the development of critical thinking and literacy skills. Students in our program learn to love their proud heritage, and as they grow to understand their painful but triumphant history, they avoid gangs, addictions and incarceration, and graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college or in industrial-training programs and in 21st-century careers.



The HBCU Rising, a collaboration between the National CARES Mentoring Movement and Spelman College, Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University, is currently being demonstrated in Atlanta.

An innovative group-mentoring initiative, the program works to close the achievement gap between African American students in underfunded middle schools and their peers in highly resourced communities by increasing reading comprehension, STEM competencies, critical thinking, communication and social skills.

Our goal is to increase the interest and competency of middle school students in the STEM disciplines while affording them a fun way to learn as they aim toward college. In this unique two-tiered model, the college students mentor the middle schoolers and are in turn mentored by professionals working in STEM careers. This provides opportunities for the older students to shadow their mentors in industry, possibly secure internships, and increase their interest in the ever-growing and well-paying STEM arenas.



Launched in 2016 in Atlanta, University for Parents recognizes that Moms and Dads are our children’s first mentors. But so many of our loving parents are living under such economically conditions borne of unemployment, that they rarely are afforded a breath to consider ways to live and parent at the highest level.  

National CARES aims to provide, with its University for Parents, a safe space in which dedicated mothers, fathers and guardians are offered a high-level curriculum-based coursework that deliver life and workforce skills from trained educators.

Working in collaboration with the Morehouse School of Medicine, the U.S. Department of Labor and the Atlanta Housing Authority, the pilot program helps ensure that highly under-resourced parents can re-enter the workforce, and stabilize themselves and their families.

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