Getting straight to the heart of the dilemma facing our impoverished young, The National CARES Mentoring Movement has launchedThe Risings, consciousness-changing, group-mentoring initiatives equal to the crisis our under-resourced children are facing. National CARES is the only organization dedicated to providing mentoring, healing and wellness services on a national scale for Black children and the community of adults that undergirds them.

The Rising: Elevating Education, Expectations and Self-Esteem

The Rising is designed to shift consciousness and vision. It is our signature group-mentoring program, a consciousness-changing initiative that is being demonstrated at four exceedingly challenged high schools—one on the South Side of Chicago, two in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and one in Detroit. The program aims to transform the lives of children trapped in inter-generational poverty by engaging them with an exciting, culturally appropriate curriculum that is executed by trained psychologists, other wellness professionals and mentors. The curriculum is rooted in prevention and support efforts that provide coping and other mechanisms needed to mitigate the impact of the disparities and dysfunction ruining their young lives. Integral to The Rising is the cultivation of cultural pride and high self-esteem, the development of critical-thinking and literacy skills, and a love for learning among young Black parents. The innovative, transformational curriculum is designed to ensure that as students come to know their proud heritage and painful but triumphant history, they will avoid gangs, addictions and incarceration; and graduate from high school prepared to succeed not only as parents, but in college or industrial-training programs and 21st century careers.

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The In-School Rising Sites


South Florida CARES Mentoring Movement

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Cerise Sutton - Chief Program Director


Harlan High School

Chicago, IL

Bea Haynes, Program Director

Charletta Mattox, Program Manager


Michael Steinbeck, Program Director


The HBCU Rising

The HBCU Rising: A Campus-Public Schools Literacy and STEM Mentoring Initiative® (HBCU Rising), our three-tiered STEM-mentoring program that is decisively changing the educational and workforce trajectories for high-need middle school students and college-student mentors. Ninety-five percent of our college-student mentors are female and we have gender specific programming for the students. With the support of The Coca-Cola Foundation, the curriculum-based initiative is currently being piloted at two middle schools in Atlanta, and is designed to be scaled and replicated throughout the HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) system.

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Responsible mentoring can take many forms: traditional mentoring, group mentoring, peer mentoring, and e-mentoring.