A New Way Forward (ANWF) has assembled a national committee of some of American’s most respected community, religious, cultural, business and academic leaders. Our strategic approach utilizes the expert opinions from these national leaders, as well as thoughtful and careful planning with the ANWF leadership team which includes: Susan L. Taylor, who built one of the most respected magazines and one of the most successful businesses in Black America; Asha Bandele who brings years of strategic planning, project management and program execution skills to the team; and Dr. Shawn Ginwright, a leading expert on healing strategies among youth. This leadership team along with the national committee brings many decades of organizational leadership and community management in both corporate and nonprofit institutions.

In our approach to identify, prepare and position transformational leaders within the African-American community to help eradicate existing challenges, we will utilize a strength, weakness, opportunities and threat (SWOT) analysis of the key issues the project will address. To determine how to develop and implement trainings, the leadership team will identify the desired outcome to achieve and begin with a series of questions and strategies required to ensure it is attained.
The culturally centered curriculum will be developed by a national, intergenerational team of dedicated, community-focused African-American scholars, leaders and wellness experts. Led by Dr. Ginwright, the development team will also include, Na’im Akbar, the pioneering and foremost expert in promoting racial healing among African Americas; award-winning journalist Sheila Rule (New York Times) and Yvonne Samuel (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) who will write the manual. The manual will be published by Third World Press and made available to communities and distributed online to promote sustainability and encourage replication.

The interactive workshops will focus on understanding and forgiveness, restoring self-worth and honoring the courage, resilience and faith African Americans have long employed to survive. Immediate outcomes will include a greater sense of well-being, self-efficacy, cultural grounding and renewal. In the longer term, success will be measured by the commitment of these individuals to help heal the community by engaging in life-sustaining, wellness principles and recruiting others to mentor and share the knowledge.

The first round of workshops will be offered this year Atlanta, New York, Oakland and Chicago. These locations were strategically chosen because National CARES Mentoring Movement has a large footprint, strong leadership and capacity to recruit in these cities. Additionally, these cities have significantly higher African-American populations and lower White populations than for the United States as a whole and by all socio-economic factors these cities are less stable than the overall US population. 


Susan And Young Mentees

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